Neurodiversity at Glastonbury

Mahlia pushes her comfort zone by speaking at Glastonbury about neurodiversity and is encouraged that this experience may ensure it's less stressful next time. Read more

Workplace coaching for autistic people

Our new blogger Aimee describes her experience of workplace coaching and gives her tips to get the best from this. Read more

The autism spectrum as a spiky profile

The autism spectrum is often depicted as linear. Here Mahlia presents an alternative, and multidimensional model. Read more

Handling rejection

Mahlia gives her tips on how to handle rejection and avoid taking rejection personally Read more

Autism and honesty

Charlotte talks about truth, lies, her experience of working in politics, and why she is optimistic for the future. Read more

Temping and volunteering

Rachel talks about her experience of using voluntary and temporary roles as a means of gaining useful skills, and to avoid the stress of interviews Read more

Triggers in the workplace

Mahlia explains how 'triggers' in the workplace affect her well-being, and how they might influence her art Read more

AI video assessments

Our blogger Oliver talks about his experience of AI assessed video selection and what he learned from appearing in a BBC documentary on the use of AI Read more

Autistic researchers inside and outside of academia

Aimee and Helen, autistic researchers both diagnosed later in life, discuss their workplace experiences Read more

Autism and underemployment

Underemployment - working in a role below the level of qualifications or skills - is common for autistic people. Rachel describes how this came about for her. Read more

Back to the (hybrid) office

Mahlia talks about the impact that the pandemic has had on her relationship with work and how the ongoing transitions in working arrangements continue to affect her Read more

Work and status

Charlotte discusses the link between labels, status, worth and wellbeing. She asks for respect, whatever the role Read more

Late diagnosis and employment

Our new guest blogger, Rachel, talks about her experience of diagnosis and how being diagnosed as an adult has impacted her experience of employment Read more

Tips on being a self-employed autistic

Our guest blogger and artist Mahlia enjoys being self-employed, here she gives her tips for success. Read more

Masking and camouflaging

‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players’. So goes the much-loved Shakespeare line, but at what point do we shed the role and be our authentic selves? Read more

Workplace benefits of mindfulness

Our guest blogger Mahlia talks about the positive impact of practising mindfulness on her mental health Read more

A change in mindset

Mahlia describes her ideal work environment when considering what could go right when starting a new job Read more

Lost in translation

Our guest blogger Charlotte talks about her personal experience of communication / miscommunication in interviews and workplaces Read more

Dispelling the myths about autism

Mahlia debunks the myths about autism and explains why it matters in the workplace Read more

Guide for managers

Our guest blogger Mahlia gives her tips to managers on managing an autistic employee Read more

Coping with social challenges

Workplace socialising doesn't suit everyone for a variety of reasons. Here Mahlia gives her personal view. Read more

Benefits of buddying

Mahlia is a fan of having a buddy in employment settings. In this blog she gives her 5 reasons for why a buddy is so useful for autistic employees. Read more

Employment and mental health

For mental health awareness week, The Goth discusses his view on the impact of employment and unemployment on mental health Read more

Beyond Autism awareness

The first World Autism Awareness day was in 2008. Should we be moving beyond awareness? The Goth shares his experience. Read more