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Author: Hilary Fertig

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Author: Hilary Fertig

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Why do we do what we do: the benefits of a neurodiverse workplace, the opportunities and employers' legal duties


Author: Hilary Fertig

News and updates

  • Learning Disability and Autism awards

    We are delighted to be a finalist for the The Great Autism Practice Award Read more

  • Flexible working from day one

    The government has announced plans to allow employees to request flexible working from their first day at work. Good news for everyone, and will reduce the need to ask for reasonable adjustments! Read more

  • Autism National Strategy 2021-2026

    The national autism strategy for autistic children, young people and adults: 2021 to 2026 has been published, including the aspiration for employment. Read more


  • A change in mindset

    Mahlia describes her ideal work environment when considering what could go right when starting a new job Read more

  • Lost in translation

    Our guest blogger Charlotte talks about her personal experience of communication / miscommunication in interviews and workplaces Read more

  • Dispelling the myths about autism

    Mahlia debunks the myths about autism and explains why it matters in the workplace Read more


  • Team EA Virtual London Marathon 2021

    Thank you for your support as Team EA prepares to participate in the Virtual London Marathon. Team EA are Paul F, Paul M, Hilary and Jeremy. Read more

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